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Concrete Supply

We can supply you with concrete to meet your every need, from C8 (for fence posts), to C45 (full structural concrete), retarders, accelerators, plasticisers, water reducers, set accelerators and foaming mix.

Screed Supply

We can supply you with screed to meet your every need floor screed 4-1, or 5-1

Pump Services

Pumping concrete is a specialised operation; we have fully trained operators, whose experience is second to none. Offering reliability and great value, Taylor’s can offer the complete concrete service to meet your requirements. Our line pumps are able to quickly and easily deliver concrete allowing access to restricted areas, around obstacles, through houses and in turn prevent the unnecessary mess that wheel barrows can create, saves labour/men on site, hence saving time and money. Therefore is more cost effective for both domestic use and commercial.

Our modern line pumps are capable of pumping 1 cubic metres of concrete a minute, allowing for a swift and precise delivery of concrete to the most difficult of locations.  With up to 80 metres pipe run.  Pipes can go round corners, over walls, though the house.

Whilst we offer the complete package of concrete and pump, we do appreciate that you may only need the concrete pump and therefore, we offer our services standalone at competitive rates.